Biomara Seaweed Pet Food Supplement


Biomara bioactive algae supplements are a natural feed ingredient for cats, dogs and horses, derived from a complex blend of sustainably sourced seaweeds. We were asked to create an identity that focused on health and nutrition for animals, attracting health conscious pet owners, farmers and dog show enthusiasts. The messaging needed to be clean and clear, appealing to all the above customers. There are plans to expand into the human health supplement market down the line, so this needed consideration when creating the overall identity.



We went with a fresh blue and green as they are associated with the ocean and algae. They are also semi-medical colours which are an appropriate association with health and well being.



Our client wanted a symbol similar to the cross used in the medical industry. We used the seaweed leaf shapes to created our own unique version of the cross.



As with all packaging design, the ability to grab the consumers attention in a busy store environment is paramount. With Biomara products being organic and used to promote vitality we wanted a clean and consistent identity customers would become familiar with.


The result is a clean and clear brand that carefully balances vibrant colours, organic shapes and white space. It visually communicates a strong, confident and healthy seaweed brand for much loved pets.


December 8, 2016


Branding, Packaging, Print